My Fashion Fairytale EBOOK

My Fashion Fairytale EBOOK

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An insanely intimate, transparent, and inspiring memoir by fashion’s multi-faceted innovator Nichole Lynel.


In a world filled with superficiality, and societal imposed standards of beauty, Nichole Lynel has emerged as one of the most compelling influencers of our era. 

As the curator of her signature fashion house Nichole Lynel, the Forbes named million dollar mogul crafted a lane of her own in the industry that served to inspire and empower women to redefine the term pretty, while also solidifying herself as prolific advocate for women and girls to walk in both purpose and power. 


The pages of her memoir My Fashion Fairytale a work of humbling transparency and awe-inspiring storytelling, reveal unshakeable triumph amidst trauma growing up in Los Angeles, as a childhood runaway, amidst chronic abuse, a quest to discover love overshadowed by abandonment, the trials and tribulations of coming to terms with unthinkable loss and an unprecedented leap of faith to build a business against all odds.

My Fashion Fairytale is an open invitation to experience the unraveling of a life lived passionately out loud proving ,that one day, every girl will discover that she posseses the courage and the power to save herself.